School Uniform


Uniform 1


In August 2018, Inverurie Academy introduced a new School Uniform for S1-S6 students.  The steering group for this change consisted almost entirely of students and consultation took place with students, cluster primary schools, staff and parents.  This uniform consists of the following items:-

Trousers, Skirts & Shoes

Trousers and Shoes provided some of the most extended debate with the steering group and the following guide was agreed to support students, parents and staff in ensuring we have a common understanding.

Uniform Guidelines April 2020

SuppliersBlazers, ties and knitwear are available from Academy Uniforms

Physical Education

  • All students must have a complete change of clothing for participation in Physical Education.
  • Indoors: shorts, cotton tops, socks and indoor training shoes.
  • Outdoors: shorts, cotton tops, socks, tracksuit, warm top, outdoor training shoes or football / hockey boots.

Parents should note their responsibility to ensure all clothing and belongings brought to school should be named or marked in some way, as it is difficult for students to distinguish their own clothing from that of others.