S5&6 Course Choice 2023

Course Choice for into S5 and into S6 for session 2023-24

As our S4 and S5 pupil plan next steps in their education here at Inverurie Academy, there are multiple stages to this process.  Full information for pupils and the mechanism for submitting options can be found within the pupil portal.  Pupils access this via Glow (the Scottish Schools Digital Intranet).  The portal is designed to be viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, but be used on mobile phones.  While only pupils can access this, we encourage parents to adopt an over the shoulder approach as pupils and parents/carers explore together the possible pathways students can take looking to the next stage of qualifications but also life learning and work beyond school.

Stage 1 is for pupils to make themselves familiar with the process.

Stage 2 is for pupils, beyond the statutory minimum school leavers age to make their commitment to onward study with us.  Only once this commitment is made are further options made available within the portal.

Stage 3 is about reflecting on post school aspirations and possible pathways.

Stage 4 is about reviewing a pupils prior attainment, thinking about strengths and areas for development as they learn from the past to inform the future.

Stage 5 involves research about what is available at Inverurie Academy as well as part time college options and Foundation apprenticeships.

Stage 6 is where pupils make a free choice selection as to what they would ideally like to study so that we can design a column structure to meet the needs of as many pupils as possible.

Stage 7 is a review of the finalised column structure which reflects the wishes and aspirations of pupils who submitted data in Stage 6.

Stage 8 is where pupils submit their final choices based on the options structure.



The current column structure for S5/6 in session 23-24 as detailed within the pupil portal is shown below for illustrative purposes.