Handbook & Improvement Plan


Inverurie Academy Handbook

The latest version of the Inverurie Academy Handbook can be found using the link below:-

School Handbook 2021 – IA



Inverurie Academy School Improvement & Recovery Plans

Following the period of lockdown between March and June 2020, Inverurie Academy have redeveloped an Improvement Plan reflecting the changed capacity and priority, resulting in a two-year plan.  This was adapted slightly during the summer of 2021 to reflect an ever-changing climate.

Perhaps as a one-off, we have also created a Recovery Plan to bring together the various mitigations and aspects of work to support a return to a more normal experience of school following the pandemic.  This is not an exhaustive document but should provide some insight into what has been planned.

Improvement Plan 2021-22 Revised

Inverurie Academy Recovery Plan 2021 Web Version

To support the school community understanding of our Improvement Plan, members of the Senior Leadership Team have also put together a short, simple video about the elements of our plan we are particularly passionate about.  The video link can be found below…