Career Help in School


Careers help in school

Skills Development Scotland is Scotland’s careers service.  Their qualified Careers Advisers work in schools and careers centres across
the whole of Scotland.  Our SDS Careers Adviser is Jemma Kinnaird.  You can meet with her and get in touch with her through school or via the
Careers Centre.  Ask your Guidance teacher if you’re not sure how to contact her!


Ms. Kinnaird can help you to develop your Career Management Skills, which are the skills you’ll need to make your career a success.
You may take part in group sessions with your Careers Adviser, or have an individual appointment.  There are also regular-drop in
sessions which we would encourage you to take advantage of.

Another important part of Ms. Kinnaird’s role is in supporting parents/carers and teachers when it comes to talking about careers.
Her work is supported by the SDS website My World of Work.  You can use this to explore your career, skills and learning opportunities
now, and right through your school and working life.  Check it out!


Thinking of leaving school?  Make a plan!!

Leaving school is a big step, regardless at what time you decide to take it.  There are lots of options available to you, and SDS are available
to you in order to provide advice and guidance.  To help you to decide and plan: