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Articles from our 2017 reporting team are below.  School Report News Day 2018 takes place on 15th March.  Watch here for further developments and updates!


Thanks so much to Mr Savege, Ms Carlton, Mr Jones, Mr Paterson, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Saphia, Kayne and everyone else who was involved in the interview process – particularly Mrs Elrick and Mrs Reid, who were excellent assistants to our budding reporters.

Miss Great Britain

Miss Great Britain for 2016-2017 is Ursula Carlton. Ursula is from Nairn but works in Inverurie near the school. She came to discuss how she felt about her life in the North East, being Miss Great Britain and to talk about ambitions and role models.

She also discussed the importance of charity work. One interesting point was her enjoyment of her work at Disney where she enjoyed “making little kid’s dreams come true”.

Miss GB


Core Values

The Core Values have been suggested by the School Captains and Mr Jones, the head teacher of Inverurie Academy. Core Values define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for. A value is guided principles that dictate behaviour and action. It can help people learn about right and wrong.

The school captains have been leading work in recent weeks to refine which values are most important to members in our school community. This has involved working with the P6 and 7 pupils from around the area and consulting with the current pupils here at Inverurie Academy. You can complete the survey at

Core Values


Our New School

Inverurie Academy is quite an old school. Parts of the building date back to 1909. Aberdeenshire Council is in the process of planning to build a new school.

We interviewed Mr Paterson and asked him questions about the new school. Mr Paterson is the Head of Humanities and also has the job of making sure the new school has everything we want and need. We asked him lots of questions about the new school.

Our New School


Martial Arts

Martial arts are one of the many things up on our achievement walls around our academy and we decided to interview three of the students that take part in different types of martial arts. We interviewed them so that you could hear their opinions about learning martial arts and hear what goes on in the world of martial arts and hopefully learn something from these students and their daily routines in their martial art worthy of being praised.

Karate is a martial art which focuses mainly on unarmed combat and Chelsea from S4 was interviewed. Kayne from S3 is a Scottish Judo champion. Judo is an art deprived from ju-jitsu which is also focusing on unarmed combat. Taekwondo is a lifestyle for people all across the world, aside from a combat sport. Saphia from S5 has won many gold medals competing in this sport.

Martial Arts


Chief Executive

On the 6th of March the Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire council, Mr Jim Savege came to Inverurie Academy where Jamie, Jayden, Rebecca, Rory and Olivia asked him some questions. He answered our questions in full detail and told us what the Chief Executive does and what plans there are for the future of Aberdeenshire.

He explained how the council is trying to create more opportunities for young people in Aberdeenshire and gave us a very good description of what his job.


Jim Savege