Wider Curriculum


The Curriculum at Inverurie Academy includes the totality of student experiences.  We are delighted that we can offer a large range of subjects and courses that allow students to achieve their potential.  However, a further way for students to develop skills and ready themselves for the world of further study and work is through accessing the wider curriculum at Inverurie Academy.    A glance at our daily bulletin (posted on the website each day) will help you to appreciate the range of activities on offer.  Just a few of the opportunities available are:-

Charities Committee, ROV Club, Amnesty Group, Basketball Team, Concert Band, Fit for Girls, Tapadh Leat, Banter Club, Rugby Team, School Newspaper, Football Team, STEM Club, Duke of Edinburgh, Youth & Philanthropy Initiative, School Council, Debate Club, Young Enterprise, House Council, Rock Challenge, Celtacad, Orchestra & Creative Writing Club.

Keep an eye out for the opportunities as they appear in our Daily Bulletin, and check back here for links to more information about our clubs and activities.  These are being posted as they are created…

Tapadh Leat

Inverurie Academy DofE