Support Team

As you will have seen written elsewhere in this website, the most important part of our school are the people who work and study here.  Inverurie Academy is very well served by a Support Team including our School Office, Technicians, Janitors, Library, School Nursing Team and Pastoral Team to name but a few.  Below find a list of our current staff members.

School Office

  • Sarah Hall (Admin. Support Officer)
  • Jackie Clayton (Admin. Support Assistant)
  • Allyson Davidson (Admin. Support Assistant)
  • Lynda Davidson (Admin. Support Assistant)
  • Wendie Durrand (Admin. Support Assistant)
  • Audrey Jamieson (Admin. Support Assistant)

Technician Team

  • Dorothy Gow (Technician)
  • Phillip Dack (Technical Assistant)
  • Lindsey Stuart (Technical Assistant)
  • Arlene Murray (Technician)
  • Karen Main (Technical Assistant)

Janitor Team

  • Grant Stirling (Supervisory Janitor)
  • Gordon MacKandie (Group Janitor)
  • Claire Barclay (Group Janitor)


  • Matthew Farrell (Network Librarian)
  • Lorna Reid (Library Assistant)

Library Book Christmas Tree

School Nursing Team

  • Annette Calder (School Nursing Assistant)

Pastoral Team

  • Shona Lees (Pathways Coordinator, MCR Pathways)
  • Suzi Sherrifs (Pupil Support Worker)
  • Moreen Laurenson (Pupil Support Worker, Attendance)
  • Catriona Nicholson (Admin. Support Assistant)