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Your Parent Council is made up of a group of volunteer representatives of parents/carers whose children attend the Academy.

The Purpose And Role Of Parent Councils

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There are a series of ‘Parents as Partners’ publications that have been included below for your information:-

Parents as Partners – Poster

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What is a Parent Council?

It’s simply a group of parents/carers and members of the teaching staff, pupils and local community who work together for the benefit of the students at their school. Our PC:

  • Works in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school, which is inclusive for all
  • Promotes partnership between the school, its students and all its parents
  • Develops and engages in activities which support the education and welfare of students
  • Communicates with the Parent Forum using our email account and shares the Minutes of Meetings on the school’s website
  • Identifies and represents the view of parents on all matters affecting the education and welfare of the students

Information For Parent Council Members

Parent – School Partnerships

Can I come along to a meeting?

All parents/carers with students at Inverurie Academy are very welcome to come along to all Parent Council meetings. They are informal get-togethers and there is only one per term! Come along to find out what’s happening in school and share your views.

Who will be there?

In addition to members of the Parent Council:

  • The Head Teacher is invited along as an Advisor
  • Members of the School Council attend to represent the student view
  • Local Councillors come along to share updates from Council discussions
  • Representatives from the teaching staff may also be there to share recent or planned changes to policies/extra-curricular activities
  • Guests could also be invited along depending upon the items on the Agenda

Can I come along to meetings but not become a member of the Parent Council?

Definitely! Your views and opinions are really important to ensure issues discussed reflect as many voices as possible from the Parent Forum. The only difference between a member of the Parent Forum and a member of the Parent Council is the ability to vote; this can only be done by Parent Council members.

How do I become a member of the Parent Council?

Just come along to a meeting and let us know! There are no formal voting procedures – the more the merrier!

What do you do?

We work in partnership with representatives of the Academy’s teaching staff and students for the benefit of all students at the school.  Any individual concerns should be raised with the Guidance Teachers.  We represent the views of the Parent Forum in a variety of ways by:

  • Active involvement in the recruitment of senior staff
  • Participating in the development of school policies
  • Contributing towards the school’s Improvement Plan
  • Discussing the design of the new community campus through membership of the stakeholder group
  • Assisting with extra-curricular activities
  • Organising social and fundraising events
  • Talking about anything of interest to parents/carers

What are your plans for the future?

It’s your Parent Council and we would like to hear from you. Do you have an idea for a fundraising event or do you have skills you would like to share, are you involved in a local business and could offer work experience etc.?

We need your thoughts/views/opinions to ensure we make the best use of our meetings, so please get in touch using by sending a note to

Why not add the Parent Forum Inverurie Academy Facebook page as a favourite and keep up to date with news from the school?  Alternatively, follow us on Twitter at @InveruriePF.

We would love to welcome you along to our next meetings

The meeting dates for 2022-23 have been listed below:-

1 07.10.22 – AGM/Attainment: Evaluating student performance in the last SQA exams
2 01.12.22 -Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting
3 23.01.22 – Developing Young Workforce (DYW)
4 21.03.23 – Self Evaluation for Self-Improvement
5 24.05.23 – Celebrating Success: Acknowledging Achievement

Inverurie Academy Parent Council

See you there!

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