Virtual Star & Home Hero Awards

Virtual Star Awards

The desire was to provide our staff team with a chance to continue to be positive about the learning of young people despite our virtual learning environment (to encourage ambition), and to use a system that we can then compare well with the merits system we use during physical lessons.

Virtual Star Awards – Who / What / Why

  • Nominees: S1-S3 Students
  • Nominated by: Class Teachers
  • Method: Each week in retrospect to allow reflection, class teachers use ours system to nominate one student per class for a virtual star award per week via the merit function.
  • Celebrated Through: Certificates, House Points and Social Media.
  • Duration: while virtual learning continues.


Home Hero Awards

In tough times like this, we at Inverurie Academy want to continue to recognise and celebrate success as much as we can, but in this virtual learning environment we need to be a little more creative.  The Home Hero Award, alongside our Virtual Star Award, is our attempt at creativity.

What is the Home Hero Award?

Today we launch the Home Hero Award for Inverurie Academy.  This is a chance for families or friends to recognise the efforts of students who are ‘going the extra mile’ at home during this challenging time.  This might be in the approach they take to their work, to their bid to stay fit, healthy and positive, to the help they are providing to friends or others in their family, or bubble or something else!

How to Register a student?

Simply complete the Google Form below to register the student concerned.

 What will happen?

The Guidance Team will review and monitor applicants.  Successful award winners will receive an email certificate (sent to the parent/carer email address), and be awarded 10 house points for their house.  If appropriate, we may also celebrate this success through social media.