Covid-19 has impacted the Inverurie Academy School Community just as it has done the nation and the world.

  • Following the lockdown between March and August 2020, measures were put in place for a full return of students between August and December 2020.
  • Lockdown returned in January 2021 and we moved to offering remote learning via Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams for all, with the exception of a group of our keyworkers and vulnerable students who were offered an in-person experience.
  • From 22nd February, we greatly enjoyed welcoming back groups of S4-S6 students (approximately 70 per day) for in-person learning in their practical-based subjects.
  • The next phase of in-person learning involved all students having a weekly experience from 15th March with the following process:-

  • On 24th March a further guidance document was released by the Scottish Government to support planning for a return for students on 19th April (link can be found here).  This informed the following letter which was sent to families on Monday 29th March.
  • ParentCarer Letter April 2021
  • We were delighted to welcome all students back to in-person learning on 19th April and now operate based on the risk assessment (see section below).

Risk Assessment

Inverurie Academy has a risk assessment that follows the template provided by Aberdeenshire Council.  This is regularly reviewed and updated.  The latest version of the Risk Assessment has been created to take into account the phased return of groups of Senior Phase students from 19th April.

Plan M ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment for Schools 240521

Guidance is also issued to any temporary member of staff or visitor (exceptional circumstances only).  The latest guidance document can be found here.

Useful Safety Videos & Guidance

  • The Hands/Face/Space video clip is a really simple reminder of the importance of how we can keep ourselves and others safe.  This can be found here.
  • The NHS video about effective hand-washing can be found here.
  • Our screens in school regularly carry some of the messages below to remind members of our community on expectations.
  • Student Messages for Screens
  • LFD testing for staff and students (staff and Senior Phase students from 22nd February, and S1-S3 students from 19th April).   As part of our support, the following flowchart was produced to help explain what to do at each stage.

LFD Testing

  • We strongly encourage all members of the school community to participate in Lateral Flow (LFD) testing.  This is voluntary but recommended by the Scottish Government.
  • A copy of our privacy policy, consent form and letter example about LFD testing can be found below.

Privacy Notice

LFD ParentCarerStudent Consent Form

LFD ParentCarer Information Letter S1-S3

Parent/Carer Messages

Schools COVID letter 14.12.20 revised (Susan Webb (NHS Grampian))


Aberdeenshire Council – Community Release 04.11.20