Following a return to physical learning and teaching in August 2020, a number of changes have been introduced for students, parents & carers and staff.

During September to November, further adaptations were made to our working practices, particularly when we moved to the new Inverurie Community Campus.  Finally, plans were put in place to ensure that steps were ready to introduce to respond to changes in the Tier for the area.

Latest Information

The First Minister announced changes to the plan for re-opening schools in January 2021.  The guidance document can be found here.

A letter was written to parents/carers on 23.12.20 without outline detail of the plan for the school community.  This letter has been included below.

ParentCarer Update 231220

A further letter was released by the Director of Education & Children’s Services on 6th January 2021.  This can be found here.

Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 210106

Following the First Minister announcement about a phased return for groups of Senior Phase students from 22nd February, further communication went to parents, carers and students.  Some of this communication can be found below.

S4 ParentCarer Update Feb 2021

S5 ParentCarer Update Feb 2021

S6 ParentCarer Update Feb 2021

A student guide has been produced to support students in their understanding of how the phased return to school will work, in addition to an induction video for S4, S5 and S6.  This can be found below…

Student Guide for In-Person Learning from 22nd February

S4 Video –

S5 Video –

S6 Video –

Changes to the School Day

Temporary Changes to School Day From Aug 2020

Breaks & Lunches

In addition to the changes made to the school day (see above), we have designated seating areas for our different year groups during their staggered breaks and lunches.  As with all aspects of life at the moment, these are regularly under review.  The latest version can be found here.

Break & Lunch Locations – October 2020

Risk Assessment

Inverurie Academy has a risk assessment that follows the template provided by Aberdeenshire Council.  This is regularly reviewed and updated.  The latest version of the Risk Assessment has been created to take into account the phased return of groups of Senior Phase students from 22nd February.

Plan J ECS RA for Inverurie Community Campus Recovery – FROM 22 FEB 2021

Guidance is also issued to any temporary member of staff or visitor (exceptional circumstances only).  The latest guidance document can be found here.

Guidance Document

Plan B

It is important that we remember that a Plan B does exist and this remains an option should there be a local or national requirement to move to a blend of physical and virtual learning.  Although we will respond to the unique circumstances and continue to refine this offer over time, an overview of of our thinking (as at June 2020) for this blended learning model for Inverurie Academy can be found below.

Plan B Overview June 2020

Useful Safety Videos & Guidance

  • The Hands/Face/Space video clip is a really simple reminder of the importance of how we can keep ourselves and others safe.  This can be found here.
  • The NHS video about effective hand-washing can be found here.
  • Our screens in school regularly carry some of the messages below to remind members of our community on expectations.
  • Student Messages for Screens

Parent/Carer Messages

Schools COVID letter 14.12.20 revised (Susan Webb (NHS Grampian))


Aberdeenshire Council – Community Release 04.11.20