From March 2020 to the present day, Covid-19 has impacted the Inverurie Academy School Community just as it has done the nation and the world.  This impact has been felt throughout all aspects of school life and it is anticipated that this will continue to be the case to a degree during Session 2021-22.

Confirmation was received that the mitigations in place across schools from August should continue throughout Term 2.  Parents/Carers, students and staff can therefore expect continuity of expectation through to the Christmas Holidays.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is in place for all members of the school community, is regularly updated, and the latest version can be found using the link below.

2022 02 23 ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment for Inverurie Community Campus March 2022

COVID-19 Mitigations

Updated guidance from Scottish Government was published earlier this month and can be found here.  The key messages from this guidance are that many of the mitigations in place during April – June will continue for the first six weeks of the new term with an update from the Scottish Government to be provided on next steps thereafter.  In particular….

  • The Scottish Government are encouraging 16 and 17 year-olds to take up the offer of vaccinations as part of our community drive to combat COVID-19.
  • 12-15 year-olds are also being encouraged to take up the offer of vaccination.
  • It is really important that young people and families in the community re-engage with the twice-weekly LFD testing on offer. Please either contact our School Office or ask your young person to visit the School Office to get further test-kits.
  • As part of Scottish Government guidance, all members of the school community will continue to wear face coverings when in school and when using school transport unless there is a medical exemption.  The advice is that it is reasonable to assume that most young people will now have access to a face-covering from home but we will also retain a small supply of face coverings should young people forget to bring these.
  • We will maintain a one-way system throughout the Campus to reduce congestion.
  • We will continue with other mitigations including: a staggered break and lunch; set seating plans for each class; removal of year group assemblies, and finally continuation of a ‘no-bell’ system to reduce congestion in corridors.

School Attendance Flowchart

A useful flowchart has been produced to help you know what to do at key stages in a process of deciding what to do in relation to COVID-19 and attendance.  This can be found below.

School Attendance – COVID-19 August 2021

Useful Safety Videos & Guidance

  • The Hands/Face/Space video clip is a really simple reminder of the importance of how we can keep ourselves and others safe.  This can be found here.
  • The NHS video about effective hand-washing can be found here.
  • Our screens in school regularly carry some of the messages below to remind members of our community on expectations.
  • Student Messages for Screens

LFD Testing

  • We strongly encourage all members of the school community to participate in Lateral Flow (LFD) testing.  This is voluntary but recommended by the Scottish Government.
  • A copy of our privacy policy, consent form and letter example about LFD testing can be found below.

Privacy Notice

LFD ParentCarerStudent Consent Form

LFD ParentCarer Information Letter S1-S3

Recent Aberdeenshire / NHS Grampian Parent/Carer Letters

Letter from Laurence Findlay, Director of ECS on 12.08.21 LA Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 210811

Letter from NHS Grampian August 2021 LA Secondary School Letter August 2021

An update from Inverurie Academy 170921 170921 COVID-19 Update

(please note that all important letters for Parents/Carers can be found in the Community/Letters section of the school website)

Aberdeenshire Council – Community Release 04.11.20