Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team

Mark Jones (Rector)
Pauline Fraser (Depute Rector & Year Head for S6)
Ian Hamilton (Depute Rector & Year Head for S4)
Dawn Lynch (Depute Rector & Year Head for S1)
Alasdair O’Connor (Depute Rector & Year Head for S2 & S5)
Craig Paterson (Acting Depute Rector & Year Head for S3)

Principal Teachers of Guidance

Phil Littler (Barra House)
Sian Phillips (Crichie House)
Graham Hepburn (Davah House)
Alan Johnston (Harlaw House)
Claire Taylor  (Selbie House)

Principal Teachers (Faculty)

Olefine Richardson – Acting (Creative Arts)
Jill Milne (English)
Greame Cowie (Health and Wellbeing)
Craig Paterson (Humanities – part time)
Julian Shepherd – Acting (Humanities – part time)
Sue Edwards (Science)
Iain MacIver (Technical and Vocational Education)
Brian Prosser (Modern Languages)
Kathy Rapley (Wider Achievement)
Alan Watkinson (Maths)
Anita Weir (Business and Information Technology)
Sarah Kammer – Acting (Additional Support for Learning Team)