Wider Curriculum


The Curriculum at Inverurie Academy includes the totality of student experiences.  We are delighted that we can offer a large range of subjects and courses that allow students to achieve their potential.  However, a further way for students to develop skills and ready themselves for the world of further study and work is through accessing the wider curriculum at Inverurie Academy.    A glance at our daily bulletin (posted on the website each day) will help you to appreciate the range of activities on offer.  Just a few of the opportunities available are:-

Charities Committee, ROV Club, Amnesty Group, Basketball Team, Concert Band, Fit for Girls, Tapadh Leat, Banter Club, Rugby Team, School Newspaper, Football Team, STEM Club, Duke of Edinburgh, Youth & Philanthropy Initiative, School Council, Debate Club, Young Enterprise, House Council, Rock Challenge, Celtacad, Orchestra & Creative Writing Club.

Keep an eye out for the opportunities as they appear in our Daily Bulletin.